ASA Membership



The Architectural Solar Association is leading the global BIPV Movement

Our members represent the most advanced developments in the BIPV industry. We all share the common goal of transforming building facades and other architectural surfaces into generating assets.

By joining ASA, your organization will connect with the best minds in the industry. You'll have access to the premier Architectural Solar global forum to highlight your businesses’ featured projects and offerings.

The ASA advocates for the development of standardized solar-integrated building materials, increased BIPV education, friendlier legislative regulations and building and energy codes, and modernized solar architecture design specifications as they relate to integrating solar into the architectural envelope.

From our point of view, the architectural solar movement has 4 significant barriers.

  • Lack of Building Industry Integration

  • Lack of Economic Clarity

  • Code & Standards must Evolve

  • Lack of Financing Solutions

ASA focuses on breaking these barriers. If your business shares similar values, your support and participation is essential for achieving our common goals.

To be an ASA-member is to:

  • Be a part of the movement that creates a new industry and a more sustainable way of living.

  • Be able to join workshops, meetings, and conferences all over the world, around the topic of architectural solar, BIPV and Net Zero construction.

  • Find like-minded change-makers and accelerate the implementation of Architectural Solar.

  • Be up-to-date about the newest advancements in the field of Architectural solar, Net-Zero buildings and solar as a building material.

  • Be featured in ASA's monthly newsletter and website about your latest developments.

  • Connect with architectural solar consultants and technology companies.

  • Gain more exposure and secure your spot on the interactive ASA Map.

  • Join forces to bring about rapid change and influence policymakers.

  • Have a positive impact and help change the way buildings are designed

  • Thrive on a synergetic community of architectural solar advocates.

  • Be able to find an internship and/or career opportunity.

  • Grow your network and connect with experts in the field.

  • Reach a global audience!

ASA Membership includes the following types of organizations: -

  • Architects, Engineers & Consultants

  • Property Developers / Property Owners

  • Building Material Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Fenestration Companies

  • Glass & Glazing Companies

  • Tier 1 PV manufacturers, BIPV & BIPV2 (bifacial) panel manufacturers

  • Research Institutes and Academic Institutions

  • Complimentary Industry Associations

  • Shading & Carport manufacturers and installers

  • Installers, EPC’s and Integrators

  • PV industry equipment manufacturers

  • Custom residential design & construction companies

ASA Membership Benefits:

  • Company Name on the ASA Website

  • Annual Meeting Invite

  • Ability to make motions and vote at ASA General Meetings

  • Newsletter sponsorship

  • Discounted ASA Events

  • Discounted Partner Events

  • Can join and participate in ASA Working Groups

  • Considered for ASA Spotlight & Interview

  • Annual State of Architectural Solar (BIPV) Report

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Discounted Booths at ASA participating events

  • Logo on Website & Promo Material

  • Member Page & Project Profile

  • ASA Member Badge

  • Can add events to ASA Events Page

  • Can request introductions to other members

  • Access to ASA inbound leads (RFP’s)

How much does it cost?

We request reasonable annual fees that cover the costs of research, development and marketing:

Here are the ASA Membership Fees (per year):

  • Student - $100

  • University/Institution - $1000

  • Startup - $750

  • Small Medium Enterprise- $2500

  • Corporate / Multinational - $5000

  • Founding Member - $10,000

ASA Annual Membership Fee categories as of September 2018:

  • Student (students over 18)

  • University / Institution (educational, non-profit)

  • Startup (<10 employees and/or <$500,00 revenue)

  • Small Medium Enterprise (<100 employees and/or < $ 1,500,000 revenue)

  • Corporate / Multinational (>100 employees and/or > $1,500,000 revenue)

If you're interesting in joining the movement, drop us a line at or download the membership application below.

We look forward to hearing from you!