ASA Membership

The Architectural Solar Association (ASA) is an global industry advocate for standards development, education, legislative regulations, building & energy codes and solar architecture design specifications as they relate to integrating solar into the architectural envelope.

We represent a growing industry with a common goal of transforming building facades and other architectural surfaces into generating assets.

Architectural Solar has 4 significant barriers.

  • Lack of Building Industry Integration
  • Lack of Economic Clarity
  • Code & Standards must Evolve
  • Lack of Financing Solutions

ASA looks to focus on breaking them down. Your support and participation is essential.

To be an ASA-member is to:

  • Be a part of the movement that creates a new industry and a more sustainable way of living.
  • Be able to join workshops, meetings, and conferences all over the world, around the topic of architectural solar, BIPV and Net Zero construction.
  • Find like-minded change-makers and accelerate the implementation of Architectural Solar. 
  • Be up-to-date about the newest advancements in the field of Architectural solar, Net-Zero buildings and solar as a building material.
  • Be featured in ASA's monthly newsletter and website about your latest developments.
  • Connect with architectural solar consultants and technology companies.
  • Gain more exposure and secure your spot on the interactive ASA Map.
  • Join forces to bring about rapid change and influence policymakers.
  • Have a positive impact and help change the way buildings are designed
  • Thrive on a synergetic community of architectural solar advocates.
  • Be able to find an internship and/or career opportunity.
  • Grow your network and connect with experts in the field.
  • Reach a global audience!

ASA Membership includes the following types of organizations: -

  • Architects, Engineers & Consultants
  • Property Developers  / Property Owners
  • Building Material Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Fenestration Companies
  • Glass & Glazing Companies
  • Tier 1 PV manufacturers, BIPV & BIPV2 (bifacial) panel manufacturers
  • Research Institutes and Academic Institutions
  • Complimentary Industry Associations
  • Shading & Carport manufacturers and installers
  • Installers, EPC’s and Integrators
  • PV industry equipment manufacturers
  • Custom residential design & construction companies

ASA Membership Benefits:

  • Company Name on the ASA Website
  • Annual Meeting Invite
  • Ability to make motions and vote at ASA General Meetings
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Discounted ASA Events
  • Discounted Partner Events
  • Can join and participate in ASA Working Groups
  • Considered for ASA Spotlight & Interview
  • Annual State of Architectural Solar (BIPV) Report
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Discounted Booths at ASA participating events
  • Logo on Website & Promo Material
  • Member Page & Project Profile
  • ASA Member Badge
  • Can add events to ASA Events Page
  • Can request introductions to other members
  • Access to ASA inbound leads (RFP’s)

ASA Membership Fees (per year):

  • Student - $100
  • University/Institution - $1000
  • Startup - $750
  • Small Medium Enterprise- $2500
  • Corporate / Multinational - $5000
  • Founding Member - $10,000

ASA Annual Membership Fee categories as of October 2017:

  • Student (students over 18)
  • University / Institution (educational, non-profit)
  • Startup (<10 employees and/or <$500,00 revenue)
  • Small Medium Enterprise (<100 employees and/or < $ 1,500,000 revenue)
  • Corporate / Multinational (>100 employees and/or > $1,500,000 revenue)

For more details email:

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